Jon Stewart says Apple canceled his show so he wouldn't get in trouble

Jon Stewart returns to Daily show Tonight. But part of the move was the cancellation of his show on Apple TV+, The problem with Jon Stewart.

Stewart appeared on CBS Morning on Monday to discuss (in somewhat vague terms) why he would return to the show he ran from 1999 to 2015. “I desperately wanted somewhere to offload my thoughts as we enter this election season,” Stewart said. “I thought I was going to do it in — they call it Apple TV+ — which is a very small TV area. It's like living in Malibu. But they decided… they felt like they didn't want me to say things that might get me in trouble.

Jon Stewart.

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the problem It began 2021 with bi-monthly episodes and increased the frequency of the series to weekly episodes in its second season. Like his colleague Daily show alum John Oliver Last week tonight, the problem With Jon Stewart It largely focuses on one topic in each episode.

Despite being the network's most-watched unscripted series after its debut, the show was canceled last fall. New York times reported at the time the problemThe cancellation of the series was affected by disagreements between Stewart and Apple over topics to be covered in the third season, such as artificial intelligence and China.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was questioned By a special committee of the US House of Representatives on this report. A letter from the committee said companies have the right to determine what is appropriate for their service, but “the coercive tactics of a foreign power should not directly or indirectly influence these determinations.” Stewart's statement does not indicate whether episodes of this nature influenced his departure.

From now on, Stewart will not be the full-time host Daily show. He will sit in the host chair every Monday — starting February 12 — through the end of the 2024 election cycle. He will also serve as executive producer. “Who better to comment on this election than someone who truly understands two old men who are past the prime of their lives?” Stewart said of getting back behind the desk. “Look at me, baby.”

Daily show It airs weeknights at 11pm ET/PT on Comedy Central and airs the following day on Paramount+.

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