Jim Harbaugh is in Michigan today, in Baltimore Sunday, and then in Los Angeles “forever.”

New Chargers coach Jim Harbaugh will make Los Angeles the final stop on a busy weekend — and perhaps the final stop of his coaching career.

Harbaugh said Detroit News He will say goodbye to his players at Michigan today, travel to Baltimore to cheer on his brother John and the Ravens in the AFC Championship game on Sunday, and then get to work with the Chargers.

“And on Monday, go back [to Los Angeles] “Forever,” Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh wasn't known for lasting long in any of his tenures as a head coach: he lasted three seasons at the University of San Diego, four at Stanford and four with the 49ers. He has coached Michigan for the past nine years, but has always kept an eye on NFL job opportunities, including an interview with the Vikings that he claimed was One time thing And the last time he was chasing an NFL job.

However, at age 60 and having reached the pinnacle of college football, Harbaugh may mean it when he says he's in Los Angeles forever. The only career goal he has yet to reach is to win a Super Bowl, and he is driven to do that as head coach of the Chargers.

Harbaugh spent his final two seasons as an NFL quarterback with the Chargers in 1999 and 2000, and said when he interviewed for the Chargers' head coaching job, he was happy to see some of the people he got to know back then were still with the team a quarter-century later.

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“I was there in the building, and people were still there when I was still playing,” Harbaugh said. “They were good to me then, they are good to me now and they are good to me over the years. I felt like they left the light on for me.”

When Harbaugh leaves the Chargers, he expects to turn the spotlight on his coaching career.

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