Jamie Foxx: Martin Lawrence says the actor is “doing better” after medical complications

(CNN) Jamie Foxx is making progress, according to his friend Martin Lawrence.

Fox is hospitalized In Georgia since April 11th after suffering “medical complications,” his daughter, Corinne Fox, shared in a social media post last week.

She did not elaborate on what happened, but added that her father was “on the road to recovery”.

Lawrence was receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when he was he said “extra” that Foxx “does better”.

“My prayer is I go out for him every night and wish him the best, one of the best we’ve ever had in Hollywood,” Lawrence said. “Not only is he one of the best artists, but he’s a good person.”

Lawrence was joined at Thursday’s Walk of Fame gala by Steve Harvey, Tracy Morgan and Lynn Whitfield. The “Bad Boys” star said he felt “real proud” of receiving the honor.

Lawrence said, “I feel very fortunate and I thank God for this honor and just the honor and my fans and that’s something I’ve always wanted. Richard Pryor was my first introduction to wanting to be in the business, and I wanted to do it.” . “He and Eddie Murphy have inspired me. Just following what they’ve done with their careers has allowed me to move forward in my career, so I’m very grateful and thankful.”

CNN has reached out to Foxx representatives for comment.

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