Jalen agonizes over commitment: “When I say ‘we’ I mean ‘me’”

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts He raised some eyebrows With post-match comments regarding the team’s level of commitment. At the beginning of the press conference on Thursday, he was asked to explain the message he was trying to get across.

“My mind was in a place where I was trying to challenge myself,” Hurts said. “When you think holistically about the things that you want to achieve and everything that we’re trying to do, it all runs through me. It all starts with me. And so when I say ‘we,’ I mean me, because I’m the point guard there. I’m the one who makes everything go. And I The guy that everyone trusts to set the pace for everything. That’s in my game. That’s in my leadership. That’s in every aspect of the game, and it comes with the shoes I walk in. . . .

“You’re challenging yourself and you’re challenging the people around you. But I think that’s just the situation we’re in. It’s just something we’re going through, not something we’re stuck in.”

The Eagles are currently stuck on a three-game losing streak. Fortunately for them, the schedule loosens up significantly over the next three weeks, with games against the Giants, Cardinals, and Giants.

The real question is whether the Eagles will find a way to advance when the playoffs begin. Can they beat the Cowboys? Can they win in San Francisco?

we will see. Right now, they need to re-establish themselves — and beat the Cowboys for the NFC East crown.

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