“It’s not possible, we have to find a solution” (Photos)

It is not possible, a solution must be found,” he said., leave Oriole to our colleagues from La Voix du Nord. ” Finding him a home should be a priority..” Since September, Gilles has been living in a container in his garden in Oriole with his three lambs and a pony. Initially, he asked a local resident if he could store tools in a container. Finding himself without any accommodation solution, he now spends most of his time in a 12m2 container.

Inside, he has installed a bed, some items, a dining table, and a flashlight to illuminate the metal box. At the very least. For warmth, he invested in a gas bottle attached to a stove. When the temperature is too low, he turns on the stove. Although dangerous, this solution is only for heating the room without electricity.

“This is no ordinary thing.”

Although very grateful to Gilles Oriole, he admits “Couldn’t relax“In these conditions. The pensioner’s situation worsened as the owner of the farm where he lived four years ago to attend the work was not far from there. After that he stayed where he called.A kind of squat“. He has been anchoring from right to left for the past few months.

In front of Gilles’s container is the container for his animals.

Social workers from the municipality’s Social Action Center followed up and did not understand why the pensioner was not provided accommodation.I don’t know the reason. This is not normal“. Despite his repeated requests and Oriole’s assistance with administrative procedures, he has received nothing. He admits that he contacted Saint-Pol-sur-Mer last week for emergency accommodation. He refused because it was impossible to get there. The first obstacle is that he does not have his own vehicle. The second, He doesn’t want to move away from his animals.Despite 1100 euros a month, Gilles Steinkerste, who retired as a butcher at several supermarkets in the city, has a situation that limits his housing.

Several elected members of the city council were moved by the situation and warned the mayor and his first assistant for months about the man’s dangerous nature. Emails, apparently, went unanswered. For now, the town hall has not responded to our colleagues’ requests.

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