Italy: Invasion of blue crabs threatens pasta ‘Alle vongole’

This monstrous crustacean, native to the Americas, no doubt crossed the Atlantic due to climate change. Slayer of the seas “, he destroys clam farms. “Here’s a clam more or less the right size to be sold with spaghetti”, Taking a hole out of the sand, Manolo explains, “If the clam opens to breathe, the crab puts its claw, and with the other claw, it eats, leaving only an empty shell. They ate 80% of the production of large clams and all the seeds of the next season.”

Destroy or sell them

The president of the port of Pila, Giovanni Francoso, is paying fishermen one euro per kilo to eradicate this poaching. They bring him almost a hundred and eighty tons a day, the crabs are piled up under the sun, and then they are killed and disposed of. There are those who say “the alternative to culling crabs is to sell them to restaurants for consumption.” The fish market manager explains “But it’s not that easy, you have to find markets; maybe China, America; because, look at these tons of crabs, how many do Italy have to eat to get rid of them?”

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