Israel’s war on Gaza live: Battles rage in Rafah as tanks and troops advance | News of the Israeli war on Gaza

Under pressure from Democrats in Congress, President Biden asked the State Department to prepare a report from seven countries where the United States provides military aid and ensure that they follow international law.

If not, then in law there are certain steps that must be taken – reducing aid or cutting it off completely.

So we have been waiting for this report for a long time.

Reports in the media before its issuance said that the order would be very harsh on Israel.

It’s really not very difficult at all.

It says it is reasonable to assess that the defensive materials were used inconsistently with Israel’s obligations under international humanitarian law.

This does not mean that Israel violated the law. They say it can be inconsistent. But, in the United States, we don’t have any actual examples of this.

She says the intelligence community has no direct indication that Israel is intentionally targeting civilians, but they can take steps to do better.

He does not say that the steps Israel is taking to protect civilians are insufficient. They say the UN says it is inadequate, inconsistent and ineffective.

But this does not mean that the United States says that Israel is negligent in protecting civilians when it comes to protecting civilians.

The report is out there and basically says that the United States has some problems with some of the things that Israel has done. But not to the point where anything will happen

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