Israel vows intense fighting in southern Gaza will “end soon”. Israel-Hamas war

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant announced on Monday that the intense phase of the war in the southern Gaza Strip, where Israeli attacks are currently strongest, will “end soon”.

“We have made it clear that the intensive operation will last for about three months”, “We will reach it in the south and it will end soon”, declared the minister, “The moment will come when we will enter. The Next Phase” is the war in Gaza.

In a statement, the army indicated that one of the four units involved in the Gaza Strip “left it in the evening”. Special Forces are also involved.

Entering the ground on October 27, the Israeli army first attacked mainly the north of Palestinian territory, ordering people to flee south.

Then the most intense fighting and shelling moved south, particularly in the Khan Younes and Rafah areas in recent weeks.

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