Israel-Hamas war: In rare event, UN Secretary-General invokes Article 99 for first time in his mandate

What does this article say?

Specifically, Article 99 of the Charter aims to draw the attention of the Security Council to any matter which, in the opinion of the Secretary-General, endangers the maintenance of international peace and security. In Mail Addressing the Chairman of the Security Council (5 permanent members, 10 non-permanent members), Mr. Guterres describes reasons to worry about international peacekeeping. “We face grave danger of the collapse of the humanitarian system. The situation is rapidly deteriorating and becoming a disaster with irreversible consequences for the Palestinians as a whole and for peace and security in the region.The Secretary-General explains, pointing to the utter chaos that awaits the Palestinian territories: “I expect that public order will soon be completely destroyed due to the desperate conditions, which will make even limited humanitarian assistance impossible. An even worse scenario could occur, including increased pressure from epidemics and mass migration to neighboring countries.

Israel-Hamas war: Belgium supports the request for Article 99 of the United Nations Charter

A workable article

It is a rare fact that Article 99 is referred to directly, but its scope makes it a tool that can prove useful even indirectly, as it expands the purely administrative role of the Secretary-General. We saw traces of the article (and its purpose) in July 1960, during the “Congo Crisis,” and then in November 1979, when the American embassy in Tehran was taken hostage. “In both cases”Reminds A Analysis The late Justice Carl-August Fleishhauer of the International Court of Justice wrote, “Convinced that the crisis posed a serious threat to international peace and security, the Secretary-General requested an urgent meeting of the Council to find a peaceful solution. In both cases it worked: “The Council shared the Secretary-General’s view that this situation posed a threat to international peace and security and the Council convened. In both cases, bringing the crisis under control was ultimately possible.”. However, recalling Judge’s essay, “It is not (Editor’s note: literal) based on Article 99″.

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Sometimes the purpose of the article in question is influenced by more subtle matters, notes Fleischhauer: “This happened in 1985 when the Rainbow Warrior was destroyed by the French Secret Service in Auckland Harbour. In the summer of 1986, Secretary General Mr. requested Perez. De Gullar, to act as arbitrator in this matter.“It was not because of Article 99 that he could wear the umpire’s suit, but because of “As a result of the Cold War, states’ confidence in the Secretary-General increased significantly. A way of saying that politics does not stop at the door of the United Nations.

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