Israel-Gaza War: Thousands of Demonstrators March in Support of Palestinians (Events October 14, 2023)

A week after a bloody attack by Hamas on Saturday, thousands of residents tried to flee the Gaza Strip, reeling from Israeli attacks ahead of an expected ground assault on the Palestinian enclave.

many”TerroristsAn Israeli military spokesman announced that the soldiers were killed Saturday morning when they foiled an attempt to infiltrate into Israel from Lebanon.

A Reuters video journalist was killed and six journalists from AFP, Reuters and Al-Jazeera were wounded while covering the situation in southern Lebanon on Friday, three media outlets said.

A group of journalists from different media outlets came under cross-border shelling near the village of Alma H-Shab near the Israeli border, one of the two AFP journalists injured said. A Lebanese security source told AFP that the first Israeli bombings followed an attempt by Palestinians to cross into Israel from the Lebanese border. “We are deeply saddened to learn that our videographer Izam Abdullah has been killed“, Reuters news agency reported. He was part of a Reuters team in southern Lebanon.

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