Israel-Gaza war: Peter Mertens (PTB) wants to prosecute Netanyahu for war crimes at International Criminal Court

Surrounding 2.3 million people, depriving them of food, fuel, water, communications, and then bombing them: this is a war crime and an act of terrorism. For this, Netanyahu should be prosecuted for war crimes at The Hague“, Peter Mertens, General Secretary and Central Undersecretary of the PTB, alleged on VRT this afternoon.

Peter Mertens called for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be prosecuted at the International Criminal Court (ICTY) in The Hague for war crimes on the VRT program De Jevende Talk. Wouter De Vriendt (Groen) who “obvious“Mr. Netanyahu should be prosecuted for war crimes.”Israel is currently carrying out attacks, knowing full well that it will affect civilians: it is a war crime. And the war crimes committed by Hamas do not justify what Israel did“, MP Groen said.

For Egbert Lachaert (Open VLD), more investigations are needed to definitively determine whether the Israeli prime minister has committed war crimes. But the former president of the Flemish Liberals considered that “War crimes (committed) on both sides.“. Jean-Marie Dedecker sits as an independent in the chamber, but will head the N-VA list in the next federal elections in 2024,”Mr. Netanyahu and Hamas each have to justify the other’s atrocitiesBut he doubts the Israeli prime minister will ever be convicted of war crimes, anticipating opposition from the United States and Europe.

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