Israel-Gaza war: Erdogan accuses West of ‘main culprit’ of massacres in Gaza

The main perpetrators of the carnage in Gaza are the West. Except for a few consciences who have raised their voices, (these) massacres are entirely the work of the West“, the one-time head of state beganRally in support of Palestine“It brought together hundreds of thousands of people at the former Atatürk Airport in Istanbul.

In a scathing speech against them, the Turkish head of state challenged Western powers by casting doubt on them.To create a cross situation“Against the Muslims.”I ask the West: Are you going to create a new environment of crusades against the Crescent?“, the symbol of the Muslim religion, he asserted.

Everyone knows that Israel cannot take a single step without them“, Mr. Erdogan continued, chiding the major Western powers for not even calling for a ceasefire.”You mourned the children killed in Ukraine, why this silence in the face of the children killed in Gaza?” he assured.million and a half peopleHe attended the meeting and blamed Israel.War crimes“.”Israel, we declare you a war criminal throughout the world“, he said: “Israel, you are the occupiers, the invaders“.

Of course every country has the right to defend itself, but where is the justice? What is happening in Gaza is not self-defense but massacre“, the Turkish president continued. In another tone, President Erdogan called on the Israelis “Don’t discount the Turks’ feelings of pity“:”Heed our calls to conversation and take a step in the right direction for you and your children. We believe that in a just peace there will be no losers

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