Iraqi PM goes to Washington to meet with Biden

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Zia al-Saudani left Baghdad for the United States on Saturday, where he will meet with US President Joe Biden, amid an explosive regional climate fueled by the Gaza war and tensions with Iran.

According to the White House, Joe Biden is to discuss strengthening the head of the Iraqi government on April 15 – Monday. “Strong Bilateral Partnership” And “The Evolution of Work” An international counter-jihadist coalition led by Washington and based in Iraq and Syria.

“Prime Minister Mohammad Zia al-Saudani is leaving the capital Baghdad for America. [Il s’agit d’]Official visit at the invitation of US President Joe Biden”, According to a press release from his services.

Iranian threats

The trip comes as Iran threatens to retaliate over Israel's alleged attack on its embassy in the Syrian capital, Damascus. The US president expects Tehran to fulfill “soon” to action.

“The visit comes in a delicate and sensitive context based on bilateral relations or the situation in the region.” In a televised address on Saturday, Mr. Sudani said.

“Our meeting with President Biden will address this regional situation and its escalation, as well as the role we have played together to maintain peace, stop the war and prevent the expansion of the arena of conflict in the region (…)”, Mohammed Ziya al-Saudani promised.

Acting towards reducing expansion

Since mid-October, pro-Iranian armed groups in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza have carried out dozens of attacks against US troops stationed with the Washington-led international coalition to fight the Islamic State (IS) group.

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In response, Washington conducted several strikes against these units. In an effort to de-escalate, Baghdad and Washington began talks in late January. “Supreme Military Commission” A joint meeting to discuss the future of the alliance.

File Mr. will be discussed with Biden and is intended “Achieve Final Task Schedule for International Coalition and Transition to Bilateral Relations between Iraq and Member States” Saturday Mr. Remembered Suthani.

The visit of the Prime Minister of Iraq, a country with immense oil resources, will be an opportunity to discuss energy. “Investments of American companies in Iraq”, But “Private Sector and Banking Reforms We Are Doing”, According to a senior official quoted on the US State Department website.

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