Iowa State is pausing season ticket orders for women’s basketball after a national championship game

Last week for Caitlin Clark, but interest in the Iowa women’s basketball program is higher than ever.

The Hawkeyes halted season ticket sales for the 2023-24 season on Thursday due to what they called unprecedented demand, .

“We will do everything we can so that fans who want to support Iowa women’s basketball have this opportunity,” said Matt Henderson, Iowa’s deputy director of external relations for athletics who oversees ticket sales.

According to The Register, Iowa sold 6,500 season tickets for its women’s basketball team last year. And after the team reached the national championship game, the sports department expected nearly 100% of season ticket holders to renew.

But as of Tuesday, the university had received about 6,700 new season ticket applications — more than double the current amount. Half of those requests came between Iowa’s Sweet 16 and Final Four appearances.

This brings the total tickets required to 13,200, with only 2,000 tickets left before Carver-Hawk Arena reaches capacity.

Season ticket orders for the Hawkeyes doubled from last season after the NCAA deep tour. (Kirby Lee / USA Today)

“We want to get as many season tickets as possible into the hands of those who are passionate about attending sporting events for women’s basketball and hockey,” said Henderson.

, led the Hawkeyes to their first ever national game last week. They’re in for the game in Dallas, though, that contest and played to a sold-out crowd at the American Airlines Arena.

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