Infosys loses ten-year, $1.5 billion contract announced just three months ago. Record

Asia in brief Infosys lost out on a ten-year, $1.5 billion deal it announced just three months ago in September 2023.

Indian services giant Advise [PDF] Investors announced the deal on September 14, describing it as “a memorandum of understanding with a global company to deliver enhanced digital experiences, along with modernization and business process services, leveraging Infosys platforms and AI solutions” with a targeted total customer spend of $1.5 billion. More than 15 years.

The announcement included a warning that Infosys and the unnamed company would have to enter into a master agreement to close the deal.

A December 23 Deposit She revealed that did not happen.

The statement revealed that “the international company has now chosen to terminate the memorandum of understanding and the two parties will not pursue the main agreement.”

Infosys' annual revenue exceeded $18 billion last year, so losing this deal wouldn't cause huge pain.

However, in its results reports, Infosys highlights its ability to win large deals, and total contract value. Now she has to admit that one of those deals has gone awry.

Fujitsu Japan is pivoting its hardware business

Japanese company Fujitsu has decided to expand its computer, server and storage business.

A December 26 advertisement It revealed a plan to create a subsidiary named “Fsas Technologies Inc.” Which will develop, manufacture, sell and maintain PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST servers and the ETERNUS storage array.

Fujitsu's personal computers will also move to the new entity, as will its networking products and services.

The new company will begin operations on April 1, 2024.

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The decision was interpreted as reflecting the need “to establish a framework for the comprehensive management and allocation of resources at all stages of this work.” Fujitsu recently confirmed its Uvance business.

Interestingly, Fsas will not handle Fujitsu's mainframe or Unix server business.

In August 2023, Fujitsu announced that it would exit the PC business in Europe, effective April 1, 2024.

Samsung postpones US launch

Samsung Electronics has reportedly postponed the start of production at one of the semiconductor manufacturing plants it is building in the US state of Arizona.

a Seoul Economic Daily a report The company claimed on December 26 that the facility's planned start-up in the second half of 2024 had been postponed to early 2025, due to “issues such as subsidies from the US government and various licensing issues.”

Samsung's concerns about the scarcity of buyers for the factory's products – 3nm and 4nm processors – due to global economic conditions may also have influenced its decision.

Micron settles with Chinese DRAM maker

US-based memory maker Micron has reportedly settled an intellectual property dispute with Chinese rival Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuits.

Bloomberg Quoted A Micron spokesperson said: “Both companies will globally dismiss their complaints against the other and end all litigation between them.” Chinese state media too mentioned News.

The dispute between the two companies began in 2018.

The settlement appears to be unrelated to China's ban on sales of Micron products to some local entities. China claimed Micron's products were a national security concern, but Micron told investors it was awaiting details of the accusation. Last week, Micron announced its latest earnings report Without submitting Any additional details about this topic.

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Japan's launch towards the moon is on the right track

On Christmas Day, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Announce The Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) mission has reached lunar orbit.

SLIM will choose its landing site using technology that will hopefully improve the probability of successful landing for future lunar and planetary missions. It also carries a pair of small rovers.

The spacecraft is expected to land on January 20. ®

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