India, the girl whose parents called for help, died

Remember: We sent you this last August Call for help A two-year-old girl is the parents of India. He suffered from acute myeloid leukemia, a more aggressive form of the disease. An experimental drug from the drug company Elucida Oncology was “his only hope” for survival.

During the trial phase, the drug ELU-001 has not yet been officially approved by health authorities and the pharmaceutical company has denied all requests from parents. That’s why they launched an appeal to people to raise their voice.

A cry for help from India’s (2-year-old) parents with rare leukemia: “This experimental drug is her only hope”

Because, according to the doctors at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, the child had been staying for a year, and without this drug, she had only four weeks to live. Finally, the appeal paid off since Elucida finally agreed to administer the medicine to the child, despite all the tests still not being done.

Unfortunately, this Thursday, HLN revealed that India died of her illness on Tuesday evening. “On the evening of November 14th our precious baby girl India took her last breath,” Dieter and Sheila, who live in Los Angeles, posted on Instagram. “After spending her last days surrounded by family and loved ones, she slept peacefully in our arms. We don’t know how to live our lives without her, but we hope she will guide and inspire us as always.

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