In New York, from Manhattan to the Bronx and Trump’s legal troubles

The Bronx seemed a far cry from Manhattan, where Donald Trump was found guilty at a criminal trial on Thursday, May 30. When Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the muse of the American radical left, arrived at the school auditorium where she was holding her monthly public meeting, the sixty or so supporters were talking about everything but Donald Trump.

Bobby Lee, 74, spoke about real estate frenzies in social housing where he is a tenant. Denisa Rodriguez was outraged by Joe Biden’s policy, which was too tolerant of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israeli government for her taste. Both naturally believed that the former president’s conviction would push the undecided into the Democratic camp.

Of course, when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took the stage, she brought up the subject, saying she was happy with the impeachment of Donald Trump in her city, to applause. But it also recalls the American reality: “That’s what the law is. It’s a shocking sight, but it’s a fact: Even if you’ve been indicted, tried, and convicted on thirty-four different federal counts, you can still run for president. This person will be the Republican nominee and will be on the ballot. »

Student Loan Relief Program

But beyond this introduction, the evening was devoted to issues of concern to residents, undoubtedly the most decisive in mobilizing their camp for the November elections. Mme Ocasio-Cortez listed her commitments to Bronx residents, including a plan to combat juvenile delinquency, opening a supermarket selling local, fresh and organic produce, and urban renewal of the neighborhood. He praised the opening of two thousand federal jobs as part of the Environmental Citizen Service, and recalled his fight against the misuse of personal images by artificial intelligence, especially sexually.

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He welcomed the new system, which allows you to complete your tax return without going to an expensive tax professional, with applause. He also called on the small assembly members ahead of him to check whether they were eligible for the student loan forgiveness program: “These are life-changing doses. » Local, therefore, apart from the reminder of its positions “From Day One” Condemnation, in favor of a ceasefire in Gaza “Genocide” And some “famine” Indiscriminately attacked the Palestinian people. The questions are essentially local: extending, but not renewing, subsidized high-speed Internet access during the Covid-19 pandemic; No public transport…

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