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The world welcomes 2022 tonight. Some countries have already celebrated the New Year before us. But from Sydney to New York, New Year’s celebrations have one thing in common: they have been transformed back into epidemics.

Top of the list: Samoa, Tonga and Kiribati

The year 2022 begins in the Pacific Ocean: the islands of Samoa, Tonga and the Kiribati have passed the New Year at 11am in Brussels.

Unlike last year, crackers may have marked the event. The islands accepted five pyrotechnicians from New Zealand for the event.

Note that all three islands were avoided by epidemic due to their natural solitude.

Australia and its crackers

Then, it was in Australia that the transition to 2022 was celebrated with traditional Sydney crackers.

The city loves crackers so much that it offers two this year: the traditional is scheduled for New Year’s Eve and the second night at 9, so families and children can enjoy it too.

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I have to say that the Sydney New Year Fireworks is one of the first to take place on this planet. And this is one of the most fascinating. So some viewers come from far and wide to enjoy this scene.

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Australians celebrate the New Year ‘; s Eve 2021 © 2021 Getty Images

Australians celebrate the New Year ‘; s Eve 2021 © 2021 Getty Images

Keep in mind that due to the epidemic, the crowd at the port to attend the traditional fireworks was unusually low. There were only tens of thousands of spectators, while the event generally brings in over a million people.

South Korea and its sunset

Later, the people of Seoul, South Korea also celebrated the New Year. At this event, they were able to enjoy the last sunset of 2021 at the Namsen Tower.

India and its kites

In India, the New Year is celebrated with kites in Amritsar.

Arrangements in Serbia

Belgrade is the only capital of the Balkans celebrating the New Year. Conclusion: The organizers have put small meals into big dishes. Concerts were scheduled from 7pm until the end of the night. Not to mention the fireworks exploding at midnight.

During the day, keep in mind that the city streets were already quite bustling.

Rehearsal in Spain

In Madrid, there is a rehearsal at the now-famous Puerto del Sol to make sure everything goes well at midnight. It takes place 24 hours before the T-day.

The Spaniards appreciate this event, which is increasingly taking on the appearance of a tradition.

New York New Year

As of Friday morning, New York Police have set up barricades around Times Square to control the crowd.

Vibrant in the last seconds of 2021 only 15,000 people should be approached.

Around the world, everything is ready to turn the page 2021 this yearTahitians and Hawaiians are among the last people to welcome 2022.

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