“I’m not getting a piece” – Deadline

Aaron Paul is opening up about his thoughts on not getting paid for streams Too bad Born on Netflix.

One of the major issues in the SAG-AFTRA strike is payments to actors from streaming services. As it stands now, actors don’t get any residuals from their work shown on streaming services like when their show is on linear platforms.

“I don’t get any bits from Netflix Too bad“If we’re being completely honest, it’s crazy to me,” Paul said. Entertainment Tonight Canada During the last sit-in.

He continued: “The performances are live forever on these banners, and pass through the waves. I saw that the other day Too bad It was popular on Netflix. I think a lot of these streamers know they’re getting away with not paying people fair wages, and now it’s time to sacrifice. “This is just one of the things we are fighting for.”

During the Too bad In a mini-meeting on the picket line, star Bryan Cranston talked about why it’s important for actors to fight for a better contract with AMPTP.

“Broadcasting is getting smaller and smaller year after year, and even if you do a radio show, what you have left will be greatly reduced,” he said. “When we first started in this business, a long time ago, we relied on residuals to be able to pay our bills. I mean, part of the business equation was residuals, international residuals, DVD sales and things like that. But those are gone.”

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