“I’m coming” 40th season cut short on RTL TV: show cancelled

If you are a fan of the show I like On Saturday evening on RTL TV, you realize that it has already disappeared from the air. Last aired… October 7th! Since then, the show that prides itself on the unconventional venue and hosted by Jack van den Pickelaar has disappeared from the schedule. It was replaced first by a special Celine Dion evening (10/14), then by Le Grand show des Comedians (10/21, 10/28, 11/04) and then Bloopers (11/11 and 11/18). While we thought this disappearance would be temporary, it turned out to be permanent!

For what reasons? Mystery. Some talk about the audience, others talk about the cost…

In recent years, the magazine has evolved because it has been subject to competition from unusual images shared on YouTube or networks. “We can no longer wait until Saturday to show the pictures that everyone has seen on the internet. He told us in 2014. A genuine question was raised about the content of the show. The raw image goes around the world, sometimes seen by millions of people, but the added value of a program like this is to first verify that it’s true. If it’s not true, saying it doesn’t mean throwing it away. But there is real journalistic work behind it. By focusing on images that appear on the Internet, we attract viewers from the younger generation. There is an explosion of feedback from young audiences aged 15-35. It promises to be the oldest show of the channel…”

More recently, Jill Vandermeulen and Ludovic Daxhelet came to strengthen the team and offer new scenes to the audience.

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That didn’t stop the private channel from quietly winding down the cult show, which celebrated its 40th season this year. For this event, Jacques van den Pickelaar – who will retire next year – plans to present the show each week from the audience’s home, bar or garden. The show was given a new logo and a new look. But apparently, RTL management has other plans for this strategic Saturday evening slot. Perhaps slipping into his future best hobby, starmaker, Whose broadcasting should start in early 2024?

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