“If you avoid getting drunk…”: Georgia Meloni’s spouse criticized for his comments on rape | the world

Andrea Giambruno, a journalist and friend of the head of the Italian government, Giorgia Meloni, received the green card on Tuesday after advising young women on television not to drink to avoid being raped.


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29-08-23, 19:26


Mr. Giambruno spoke live. He and his guests spoke about the worst cases of sexual violence that have moved Italy in recent weeks, including the mass rape of a 19-year-old girl in Palermo in early July.

“If you abstain from drinking…”

In this case, the victim said that the attackers forced him to drink. In the CCTV footage, we see her staggering around led by seven youths. “If you’re going to dance, you have every right to be drunk, there should be no misunderstanding or presence,” commented Andrea Giambruno. “But if you avoid getting drunk and passing out, you can avoid some trouble and, in fact, the risk of putting yourself in the wolf’s mouth,” he added.

“Infamous Insults”

Leaders of opposition to Georgia Meloney’s right-wing/extreme-right government immediately fell on him. “I express my solidarity with the rape victim of Palermo, who will not be able to experience the indignities of those who make victims feel guilty, except what she has experienced,” replied Democratic National Secretary Ellie Schlein. The first party on the left.

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“The Surrealist Controversy”

The man condemned “a surreal controversy” and the “instrumentalization” of his statements. He recalled that he and his guests repeatedly denounced those involved in the “disgusting” attacks as “animals”.

Conflicting reviews

Andrea Giambruno was crushed by a famous colleague, Enrico Mentana, head of television news for the competing private channel La7. “If you go out shopping with your wallet and someone steals it, you’ll hear it. If you’re a girl and go out at night wearing a miniskirt and no bra, go out after midnight, or have one drink too many, don’t be surprised if you get attacked. He joked on Instagram.

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