If he wins, who will Marine Le Pen rule with?

But the names in circulation at the national rally organized around her and her inner circle are few.

Marine Le Pen had promised to put forward a shadow government. But “it’s not fashionable,” said a relative recently.

He also claims that he has the name of a prime minister, in addition to nominating his second-round ally Nicolas Dupont-Aignan as Matignon’s future tenant during the 2017 election.

The contender for the Elysee Palace has already rejected the idea of ​​integrating his daughter-in-law Marion Marechel and his iconic rival Eric Zemora into his government.

On April 6, the candidate assured Ficaro that “I have no concern about my ability to form three governments if necessary.” “I will start a government of politicians, who know where they are going” and not a “government of technocrats”, he added on BFMTV and RMC on Friday.

According to political scientist Jean-Yves Camus, the far-right expert, “her bet may be this: to completely change the cards, that is, to completely replace the executive staff”.

“She can not do anything else, there is no rally,” he underlined for AFP.

Among his potential ministers, Marine Le Pen regularly cites two recent rallies in 2019. Jean-Paul Garrett, a former magistrate and former LR deputy justice, was at the forefront of drawing up his plan with the aim of “eradicating and banning Islamic ideologies.” Wearing a veil on the street. And Herv Juvin, a former consultant to Raymond Barrow, who has become a champion of civilization and identity-based ecology.

His confidant, Lieutenant Jordan Bardella, who voluntarily replaced him as interim leader of the RN, was also “qualified to be a minister.” Like his representative for the study and former LR Frank Alicio, he says he was “better known than he was when Edward Philip was appointed prime minister.”

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Russophile MEP and former Sarkozy minister Thierry Mariani assured Ms Lew Penn on Friday that he “has the business” to be part of his government, even if it is no longer the foreign ministry. Despite his lieutenant’s controversial diplomatic positions, he was asked to be disabled during the campaign because of his proximity to Moscow.

“Every day is not because we are not on TV sets, we are sidelined or withdrawn,” Theory Mariani denied on BFMTV on Thursday evening.

“We have contacts”

Marine Le Pen did not rule out the possibility of drawing from the mysterious Horace Club created by senior executives and business leaders advising on his project.

Above all he bets on his “government of national unity” that he (with her) can seduce the personalities of other political families who share the unifying points.

During the campaign, he specifically quoted the name of former Socialist Minister Arnaud Montberg, but he also called on Emmanuel Macron to vote in the second round.

If she wins, “it will create a movement, people will join us. We have contacts,” one of her relatives recently assured the AFP.

But to Senator and former physician Claude Mulhurrett, who supports Marine Le Pen’s government Emmanuel Macron, he said, “You said you were going to have inflammatory bowel surgery + the surgeon was very good, his assistant was very good, the nurse was very good, but they never set foot in an operating room.” Criticized in Europe 1.

Marine Le Pen has never been a minister or headed a local administration. For a long time at MEP, he has been a member of Pass-de-Calais since 2017.

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At his conference on the cost of his project or diplomacy on Wednesday, many journalists asked who his “environmental” or “diplomatic” advisers were without receiving answers.

And his party is a family business. Jordan Bardella lives in a relationship with Nolven Olivier, daughter of Marine-Caroline Le Penn, the elder sister of Marine Le Pen, and Philip Olivier, special adviser to the presidential candidate. Who is the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the National Front?

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