“I was told it was a technical error”

Joan Parker-Grennan, 53, UK, thought she had won the lottery for a million pounds (1.186992 euros), but unfortunately for her, she never got the amount she won.

In 2015 Joan gave him a virtual scratch ticket. Luck smiled at her because she had won an amazing sum of one million pounds! But because he did not receive his money, he contacted Camelot, the British national lottery operator. She was then told that she had a “technical problem”, meaning that the game was showing numbers in the wrong boxes, so she did not succeed.

After years of fighting with Camelot, Joan tries to recapture his victories. She asked for justice. Joan explained in the Mirror’s column that his lawyers had already offered Camelot தீர்க்க 700,000, then ,000 800,000 and then ,000 900,000. “One day when I complained they took the game offline. They emailed me that this was a technical problem, “Joan explains.

Camelot repeatedly told Joni that the online game had “misbehaved” due to a software bug. But Joan is still waiting for her success and she thought she could buy a “dream kitchen island”!

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Today, at 50, he has not had his successes. “The game was online for less than 12 hours and we found out about the problem and disabled it immediately,” Camelot said.

The trial is scheduled for June, but a trial date has not yet been set. Meanwhile, Joan dreams of her kitchen island

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