“I tore the ticket by mistake”: A Frenchman became a millionaire after his tobacconist’s mistake.

A 52-year-old Frenchman who became a millionaire describes the incredible luck that allowed him to win the jackpot.

Dominique, a 52-year-old French national, embarked on a very happy adventure on September 23. That day, despite having a bank overdraft of 1,600 euros, the man went to his village bar for a small beer. Nevertheless, he decided to try his luck at EuroMillions by buying a ticket. Only then would a mutation from the latter change her fate.

She explained it in the TF1 show “Sept à quatre”. “When I picked up the notebook, I tore the slip badly. I don’t know how I did it. I said ‘Oh no, I’ve ripped it off, no, I’m not selling it to you, I’m buying it myself’. So I gave him the next ticket, which was the winning ticket, and it contained a million euros“.

Dominic could hardly believe his luck. “I took a good look at the ticket and quietly finished my beer. I was motionless“, he recalled.

Thanks to this unexpected sum, Breton decided to treat himself. He swapped his old Opel Astra for a used Mitsubishi 4×4, bought a converted van for €75,000 and bought a house for €170,000.

I think it’s everyone’s dream not to have to say ‘pay the rent’‘”, he expressed his hope in a statement broadcast on TF1.

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