How to watch the Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson doc.


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Nearly three decades after Nicole Brown Simpson’s death, Lifetime magazine is set to release a two-part documentary that sheds new light on her story.

Dubbed “The Life and Murders of Nicole Brown Simpson” – which is streaming live on services like Philo – the series is said to feature exclusive details, home videos and interviews with participants including Nicole’s sisters, Dominique, Denise and Tanya Brown.

“There are 50 interviews we’ve done for this series, and for the 50 we’ve approved, we’ve reached out to countless others to conduct interviews and try to build as comprehensive and dynamic a story as possible,” said executive producer Jesse Daniels. He told The Hollywood Reporter From the documentary event.

When does The Life and Murders of Nicole Brown Simpson premiere?

The Lifetime documentary honors the 30th anniversary of Nicole Brown Simpson’s death. AFP via Getty Images

The project premieres on Lifetime on June 1, 2024 at 8pm ET/PT, followed by a sequel on June 2, 2024 at the same time.

How to watch and stream “The Life and Murders of Nicole Brown Simpson”

No cable needed to watch the documentary. It’s available to stream on Philo, which offers a 10-day trial (after which it costs $25 per month). In addition to Lifetime, the subscription features more than 70 channels including TLC and AMC.

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Is there a trailer for “The Life and Murders of Nicole Brown Simpson”?

Promotional art for
“The Life & Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson” features interviews with family members and close friends. AP

a Trailer for the emotional documentary dropped in April, which includes everything from home videos of Brown’s childhood to the 1994 murder case — and the subsequent, highly publicized trial of her ex-husband OJ Simpson, who was found not guilty but later Civil liability in wrongful death lawsuit.

“It’s been thirty years, maybe it’s time to reignite Nicole’s flame,” Dominic Brown says in a trailer for the documentary, which is airing shortly before the 30th anniversary of the day Brown was found stabbed to death along with her boyfriend, Ronald Goldman.

Dominic Brown
The two-part series features interviews with 50 participants, including Nicole Brown Simpson’s sisters. Youtube

The docu-series is also set to delve into Nicole’s off-court life and her relationship with the footballer, who passed away in April after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

“I’ve wanted to make a documentary for 10 years, but I never felt the timing was right,” Dennis Brown He previously told Variety. “I thought if I could find someone who would make Nicole’s voice heard, and not about the trial or about him, I would be happy.”

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