How to track abnormalities on a Starfield scanner

Into the Unknown is one of the main quests in Starfield. It includes 16 different missions, one of which requires you to follow distortions on your scanner on the planet Procyon III. This particular quest is one of the most confusing in this questline, and I’ll show you how to do it below!

Starfield: How to track distortions on a scanner

When you land in Procyon III, the distortions will show up on your scanner as a small glitch in the outer ring of the scanner. Rotate your scanner until you see one of these distortions, then move in that direction. The distortions will increase in frequency and intensity as they get closer to the target.

Starfield Scanner distortion (screenshot by Prima Games)

You’ll eventually stumble upon a structure called the Temple of Ita (shown above), which is your destination for this part of the Into the Unknown quest.

When you approach the Eta Temple, you will be given your next objective, which is to “investigate the source of the anomaly.”

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How to solve the Ita Temple puzzle

From here, you’ll make your way inside the Ita Temple and bump into an ancient building with a similar appearance to the artifacts you’ve put together. Activating this structure will require you to solve a puzzle that involves you floating on balls of light.

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Eta Temple, Prism of Light (Image via Starfield)

These light prisms will move to random locations in the temple room. You will need to fly towards the light to start activating the structure. Once you fly into enough light balls, the ancient structure will turn into a portal.

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Entering this portal will grant you another vision and take you back outside, where you will be tasked with returning to the inn.

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Now that you know how to follow abnormalities on the scanner, it’s time to go out and complete the Into the Unknown quest!

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