How did Miley Cyrus choose Bob Mackie's performance dress at the Grammys?

Miley Cyrus was the talk of the town, changing her outfit at least four times from stunning to sexy – donning Tom Ford, Gucci, Bob Mackie and Maison Margiela, over the course of the entire Grammys evening.

She arrived on the red carpet for the 66th Annual Awards in a custom-made gold Maison Margiela Artisanal dress with contrasting hair inspired by the 1968 film “Barberella,” giving Jane Fonda throwback vibes. The dress was designed for her by creative director John Galliano and was manufactured in the house's couture ateliers, according to the fashion house. The dress required 675 hours of craftsmanship, with 14,000 safety pins.

Cyrus, 31, who won her first and second Grammy Awards last night for Best Solo Performance and Record of the Year, changed her outfit once again to perform “Flowers” and drew from the archives of legendary fashion designer Bob Mackie for her look.

I was dazzled by a hand-embroidered silk chiffon covered in silver and crystal rhinestones as well as some colorful sequins from Mackie's 2002 “To Broadway With Love” collection inspired by the musical “Sweet Charity.”

That was just a few weeks ago, on January 19, which is Dolly Parton's birthday of all days Bob Mackey's team She went to Cyrus's Hollywood Hills home to have her dress fitted. It fits like a glove.

“I didn't have to absorb anything. Most normal women couldn't wear this dress. It's a very beautiful color,” Bob Mackey shares with Inside Edition. “Everything fits like a supermodel.”

“It was like a match made in heaven right then and there. We moved the hook and eye back, quite frankly. That was the smallest change,” Mackie's design director of 24 years, Joe McFate, told Inside Edition Digital. “She does all her dancing in front of the mirror. She's amazing.”

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To choose the dress, McKee's team went back and forth with Miley's team to look at photos from his collection.

“I had been saving that photo because I thought that dress was a Miley Cyrus dress. So as soon as I sent her that photo, McFate said, ‘I have to wear that dress.’ But for a while, I couldn’t find it. The dress was stored in a collection.” Big Maki that dates back 60 years.

“You can imagine we were tearing our hair out trying, well, I wasn't tearing out any hair, but I was looking. And believe me, when we found that dress and put it on, she was like a kid. She wanted it. As soon as she saw it, she said, 'This is it.' “And when a performer has that kind of reaction to clothes, they will be confident in it.”

Backstage later that night, Cyrus was photographed wearing a black embroidered fringe, bustier and lace pants, complete with a feathered embroidered hem. The band was also part of Bob Mackie's 2002 line-up “To Broadway With Love”.

This isn't the first time Miley Cyrus has worn Bob Mackie.

In 2002, she designed an archival dress for Bob Mackie on stage for her NBC New Year's Eve performance of “Midnight Sky.” The dress, a handmade silk and silver beaded dress, was from the 2002 “To Broadway With Love” collection.

In 2021, she wore a black sequined Bob Mackie dress alongside Pete Davidson for their promotional campaign leading up to hosting a New Year's Eve party in Miami – on NBC and Peacock TV.

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“She's very polite and respectful of Bob's history, so we fell in love with her immediately,” McFate adds about working with the singer.

Throughout his career, Mackie has designed some of the world's most iconic clothing for some of the most influential celebrities including Cher, Pink, Liza Minnelli, Diana Ross, Bernadette Peters and the entire fashion collection on “The Carol Burnett ShowDon't forget – he designed many of Barbie's outfits, too.

What attracts such icons to Bob Mackey? Not even Bob knows.

“I don't understand it yet, although I think I understand performers and I understand what they like when they come out and the audience reacts in a certain way,” McKee says.

Mackey then teamed up with Burnett again to style her at press events leading up to the AppleTV+ series' premiere. “Palm Royale”.

A documentary about his life, directed by Matthew Melley, is expected to be released later this year.

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