How did Ariana Madix find out Tom Sandoval was cheating on her with Raquel Levis?


March 3, 2023 | 10:16 p.m

Ariana Madix found out Tom Sandoval was cheating on her when she ran through his phone.tomsandoval1 / Instagram

Ariana Madix found out Tom Sandoval was cheating on her after she found a sexually explicit video that Raquel Leves had sent on his phone, and Page Six can confirm it.

Moments after Maddix watched her beau band, Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras, perform Wednesday night, she learned of their “months-long” relationship when a selfie video surfaced on his phone, I told people on Friday.

At the outlet, the “Vanderpump Rules” star took to the text thread where she read her history of inappropriate messages. Immediately afterwards, she and Sandoval leave the scene.

A source previously told us that Madix was so heartbroken over the affair because she “had no idea there were any issues.”

“Ariana is traumatized by the cheating,” the source told us, adding that they have been “affectionate in public lately.”

Raquel Leves had sent him a selfie-style sexually explicit video, which Madix watched on Wednesday.

In fact, Sandoval gushed about his relationship with Maddix just moments before they found the texts, telling Page Six, “We definitely had our ups and downs but I think we were really good at respecting each other.”

Sandoval even added that he and Madix “appeared to each other in a reasonable way…within reason,” noting, “I think he just worked it out, you know?”

Meanwhile, Madix also feels “betrayed” by Leviss after he “was there for her” when she called off her engagement to co-star James Kennedy.

The 37-year-old has since kicked Sandoval out of their Los Angeles home where he was photographed packing his bags into a friend’s car and driving off.

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Upon discovering their “month-long” affair, Madix immediately ended things.
Instagram / Tom Sandoval
It appears that she also kicked him out of their home.
Nicole Weingart/Bravo

On Friday, Bravo fans were shocked when news broke that one of the show’s most powerful couples had quit Levis, 28.

An insider told us that Levis and Sandoval, 39, had been “communicating inappropriately for several months,” even before the former beauty queen got engaged to her close boyfriend, Tom Schwartz, in August 2022.

Their relationship allegedly “started last summer” with Levi’s sleeping “above Tom and Ariana’s house when Ariana was out of town.”

Sandoval and Levis’ relationship began over the summer.
Instagram/Raquel Leves

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After their relationship ended, fellow VPR stars took to social media to express their support for Madicks.

Lala Kent and Levi’s ex-fiancé, James Kennedy, called on fans to boycott Sandoval’s show tonight while Sandoval’s ex Kristen Dutt declared herself “Team Ariana.”

“The karma is already coming through, so Raquel has to move home,” Dutt added.

Even Jax Taylor, who was known as the show’s villain, criticized his nemesis Sandoval, saying, “I communicate a lot of things on this show that people never believe… everything I say always ends up being true.. #pumprules.”

Neither Sandoval nor Levis touched on their relationship. Maxed has since deleted all of her social media.

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