How Curb Your Enthusiasm ended after 12 seasons

Spoiler alert! This story contains details from the series finale of Curb your enthusiasm On HBO.

After 12 seasons, Larry David has officially signed on to play Larry David in his own HBO comedy series. As expected, he took his time Seinfeld To help tie up loose ends Encirclement.

The action begins with Larry returning to Atlanta to face charges of distributing water at a polling place earlier in the season. Traveling with him are Jeff (Jeff Garlin), Susie (Susie Essman), and his old friend Leon (D.B. Smoove), who announces that he will catch up on old episodes of the series. Seinfeld During the flight.

“You never told me it was a show about weekly ass,” he yelled at Larry.

While driving into town, Larry encounters an angry, bird-flipping driver named Cynthia (Allison Janney), who ends up being the latest pressure for Richard (the late Richard Lewis, in his final comedy performance). Naturally, Cynthia later denied that she was the one who got into a fight with Larry on the highway.

In court, the District Attorney (Greg Kinnear) tries to bolster his case that Larry violated the Election Integrity Act. And He poses a general threat to society by interrogating several adversaries from the comedian's past: Mocha Joe (Saferio Guerra), Takahashi from the country club (Dana Lee), and the real-life Lt. Alexander Vindman, who “will not tolerate corruption from Trump, Putin, or Larry David.” ” Bruce Springsteen also returned, as did Tracey Ullman (as did Irma Kostroski, who couldn't believe how Larry once wore old shoes from a Holocaust exhibit).

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the Encirclement Memories of the past and stars kept coming back. Ted Danson appeared in Atlanta for the trial, as did Jerry Seinfeld (as himself), Dean Morris (as judge) and Sharlto Copley (as Michael Foshay).

Despite his heartfelt reference to the jury, Larry was not a good witness for himself. The jury, of course, convicts Larry.

“You have a history of doing the same wrong thing, over and over again,” says the judge, sentencing Larry to a year in prison.

The comedian ends up in a cell not unlike the one Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine were in during the polarizing 1998 series finale. Seinfeld. But that's not where this comedy ends: the real Jerry shows up to tell Larry that he's a free man because a juror broke sequestration. Charges dropped!

“It's over,” Jerry says, pointing to the prison cell. “You don't want to end up like this. No one wants to see it. Trust me.”

As they walked out of prison, Larry shouted, “This is how we should have ended it [Seinfeld] the end!”

Jerry replies: “How could we not have thought of that?”

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