Homeless man sentenced to 8 months in prison for stealing warm clothes

The next day, the residents of the house discover that some belongings are missing and suspect a direct burglary. The couple filed a complaint, and the teenager was quickly tracked down by the city's surveillance cameras.


The list of items stolen included 200 euros and AirPods. These were in the jacket pocket. “I need warm clothes and I'm not used to flying” the young man tries to explain. He didn't know there was money in the coat pockets, he just wanted to stay warm.

His lawyer, Maitre Licia, goes beyond his client's critical condition and explains the living conditions. “This is truly a social plight. He saw the door open and took the opportunity to get dressed, regretting it today“, before proceeding:”This is not a break-in. It's survival! He doesn't even have shoes”. It follows the life story of a young man condemned to live on the streets as a teenager following the death of his parents. “This is truly a social plight.”, the lawyer underlines.

Despite the defense, the verdict is harsh. A homeless man was sentenced to 8 months in prison for stealing clothes, and the teenager was sentenced to a further 6 months on probation from 2022 following the shoplifting. The victim must be paid 300 euros for “damage caused”.

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