Himalayas: He reached the roof of the world for the 30th time and broke his own record, this “Mr. Everest”.

Nepalese mountaineer Kami Rita Sherpa reached Mount Everest for the 30th time on Wednesday, May 22, breaking her own record for climbing the world’s highest mountain, the organizer of her expedition announced.

“Kami Rita reached the summit this morning (Wednesday), setting a new record for her 30th Everest climb”Mingma Sherpa of Seven Summit Treks told AFP. Mountain guide for over 20 years, Kami Rita Sherpa In 1994, the first ascent of the “Roof of the World” was made at an altitude of 8849 meters above sea level. It was for a business trip. from, He reached Mount Everest almost every yearGuidance to customers. “I’m happy with the record, but the records were eventually broken”Kami Rita Sherpa told AFP on May 12 after summiting Everest for the 29th time.

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In 2023, he climbed Mount Everest twice, breaking a new record each time after being caught by another guide, Pasang Dawa Sherpa. “Some people chase records, but I didn’t do this for the record., Commissar Rita Sherpa told AFP last year. Climbing to the top is his livelihood.

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A nickname “Mr. Everest”He was born in 1970 in a village called ThamThe Himalayas, a breeding ground for experienced mountaineers. He grew up in the Himalayan valley watching his father, and then his brother, travel as mountain guides before following in their footsteps. In 2019, he summited Everest twice in six days. The Nepalese have other peaks above 8,000 meters to his name K2 In Pakistan, the second highest mountain in the world.

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A fifth is dead and two are missing

He accomplished his feat on Wednesday when Magalu Adventure Agency announced the death of Romanian mountaineer Gabriel Viorel Tabara. Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain in the world. “He was found dead by his guide in his tent at camp on Monday morning 3rd” Magalu Adventurer Mohan Lamsal said. We are trying to bring down the climber’s body. He clarified. The death was the fifth this season. Everest and Lhotse share the same route until they split at 7,200 meters above sea level. In a statement on Wednesday, the Nepal Tourism Department also announced that British climber Daniel Paul Patterson, 40, and his guide Boss Tenji Sherpa, 21, Missing on Everest since Tuesday morning. “Climber and his guide slip and disappear near South Summit” About 8,750 meters above sea level on the way down, tourism official Narayan Prasad Kanal was quoted as saying in a press release. Connell said six experienced mountain guides were looking for them.

\u26f0\ufe0fNepalese mountaineer Kami Rita Sherpa has scaled Mount Everest for the 30th time, breaking her own record by climbing the world’s highest mountain, the organizer of her expedition has announced. #AFP pic.twitter.com/VjzLlkAk2Q

— Agence France-Presse (@afpfr) May 22, 2024

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Last week, two Mongolian climbers who went missing after reaching Mount Everest were found dead. Earlier, a Frenchman and a Nepali died Daughter, the fifth highest peak in the world. Around 500 foreign and Nepali climbers have already reached the summit of Everest since April, with the climbing season lasting until early June.

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A third of those who died on Everest were Nepalese guides. Nepal has issued more than 900 permits to climb its mountains this year — including 419 for Everest — mostly to foreign climbers who climb with a Nepalese guide. In 2023, more than 600 climbers reached the summit of Everest, marked by a disastrous record of 18 deaths.

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