Here’s what might leave Xbox Game Pass in November 2023

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What will leave Xbox Game Pass in November 2023? Well, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but based on some of the games that were added to the service this time last year, we can at least make some predictions ahead of time.

We know a lot of Xbox users want advance notice of games leaving Xbox Game Pass, but Microsoft is understood to be giving us about two weeks now – and don’t forget that publishers sometimes get late deals with Microsoft to keep their games in Game Pass even after they announce their departure. !

So, before we take a look at the next list of potential games leaving Xbox Game Pass in November 2023, we want to stress that Nothing has been confirmed yetAnd This will not be a 100% accurate list. By any means. Some of these games may leave, some of these games may remain, and many more may be added to the list.

The most popular (but certainly not the only) trend in Xbox Game Pass seems to be that games last for one year, so we went back to November 2022 to take a look at the games that were added to Game Pass in that time. However, we’ve also added some games from our November 2021 list as well. Based on those original announcements, here’s what we think is likely to leave Xbox Game Pass in November 2023:

Join Xbox Game Pass Game platform
November 2, 2021 unloading Console, PC, Cloud
November 4, 2021 Kill him with fire Console, PC, Cloud
November 11, 2021 Suspicious dungeons Console, PC, Cloud
November 1, 2022 The legend of Tianding (departure 15 October 2023) Console, PC, Cloud
November 3, 2022 Ghost song Console, PC, Cloud
November 8, 2022 Football Manager 2023 Console, PC, Cloud
November 8, 2022 Return to Monkey Island Console, PC, Cloud
November 10, 2022 Vampire survivors (Seems unlikely?) Control unit
November 15, 2022 Somerville Console, PC, Cloud
November 17, 2022 Dune: Spice Wars Computer
November 17, 2022 Lapin Console, PC, Cloud
November 17, 2022 Norco Console, PC, Cloud
November 22, 2022 Jongrev Gore Console, PC, Cloud
November 29, 2022 Rebellion: Sandstorm Console, cloud
November 29, 2022 Football story Console, PC, Cloud
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As mentioned earlier, there may be a lot of additions to this list, and many of these games may remain on Xbox Game Pass for a while longer, but it seems likely that we will lose at least some of them in November 2023. The results are usually about 100% correct. 30% to 80%.

October has only just begun, of course, so there’s still a lot left in Game Pass this month as well. Six games were confirmed to be leaving on October 15, and another installment is sure to be announced on October 31.

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