Here is a look at the daily life of the Ukrainians who stayed in Lviv

Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas takes part in a European Parliament debate in Strasbourg on March 9 (Frederick Florin/AFP/Getty Images)

“Putin should not win this war,” Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas told CNN correspondent Jake Taber on Sunday, adding that it was “heartbreaking” to see what Russia was doing in Ukraine.

We are trying to do everything we can to support and help Ukraine to fight this war. Klass said on “State of the Union” Putin should not win this war.

Kallas, who will attend the upcoming NATO summit, said that NATO’s strategy should focus on ending the war using “smart containment”, which means that NATO should move from a “deterrence posture” to a secure “defensive posture”, elevating the NATO countries contributing to Strengthen each nation’s defense and ultimately NATO as a whole and focus on cooperation.

“There are some capabilities that are too expensive for any single country, but if we do it together here in Europe to protect our lands, we are stronger,” she said, adding that countries should move to isolate Russia “at all political levels.”

In response to a question about Poland’s proposal to send peacekeepers to Ukraine, Klaas said that the first peace must be achieved, and that Russia does not show any intentions to achieve it.

“We can only have a peacekeeping mission if we have peace, but you know, if you look at what is happening in Ukraine, peace is not something we see there. It is an ongoing war, and I don’t see Russia having any intention of doing anything to make peace ‘So we must first have peace, then,’ she said, ‘to keep it.’

Claes said they did not see the possibility of a third world war in Europe and that the effort should end this war.

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Klass also compared the deportations that took place in Mariupol to what Russia did in the 1940s in which Estonians were put into “cattle carts” that were sent to Siberia.

She said that Putin is fueling the right-wing narrative in Europe and the United States by creating a refugee crisis.

“It’s causing this huge pressure to emigrate to Europe and what we’re seeing in different countries, we’re also seeing the far right now gaining traction” and not helping refugees from Ukraine, she added.

“The enemy is Russia, not the refugees,” Klass said.

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