Here are the countries with the most pickpockets in Europe

Having your purse, wallet or mobile phone stolen while staying abroad is one of the worst experiences. This comes to spoil the rest of our trip. It must be said that pickpockets are rampant in public transport and on the streets. Operating systems are always well established whether they work alone or in groups.

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The Southern European country ranks first

A recent ranking launched by insurance comparator reveals to us which countries have the most pickpockets. To derive their conclusions, the organization relied on the testimonies of thousands of travelers who were robbed during their stay in a European city. Italy ranks first with 463 reports of plagiarism per million visitors. We have found that the most at-risk areas are located around centers of tourist interest, such as the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain in Rome or the Duomo di Milano in Milan.

France is second with 283 reports of plagiarism per million viewers. Pickpockets are particularly active around the Eiffel Tower. Finally, the podium was completed by the Netherlands with 252 announced flights per million visitors. Quotezone founder Greg Wilson said in a press release, “Theft can happen anywhere and tourist hotspots are convenient places to loot the wallets and purses of tourists. They’re busy enjoying the sights”.

Find the full top 10 of the rankings (with the number of plagiarism reports per million viewers):

– Italy (463 reports)

– France (283 reports)

– Netherlands (252 reports)

– Germany (129 reports)

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– Greece (103 reports)

– Spain (94 reports)

– Portugal (53 reports)

– Türkiye (33 reports)

– Ireland (30 reports)

– Poland (18 reports)

How to protect yourself from pickpockets?

Try to travel as light as possible by taking the minimum with you. Also, walk with minimal cash on you and leave your valuables at your accommodation. Another tip: Keep your bag properly stowed when you travel. If you travel with a backpack, install it in front of you when using public transport to prevent any closure of the accessory from opening pickpockets. Hand on shoulder bags or banana is recommended.

Pickpockets also operate in bars and restaurants. Never leave your bag and your GMS on your desk. It is better not to hang your bag on the back of the chair. Finally, place your wallet in one of the front pockets of your pants or directly inside your jacket.

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