Helvetii launched on February 3, 2023

side scrolling action game Helvetii will be fired to Playstation 4And the convertsAnd the computer Across steam On February 3, 2023, developer KwaKwa Team announce.

The physical releases are now available for pre-order at Red Art Games.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Team KwaKwa:


Helvetii It is a two-dimensional work rogueliteis about exploring the ancient myths and histories of the Gaulish Helvetii tribes as well as Celtic myths and other legends from various cultures, adapting them into a fast-paced modern action game with a beautiful art style.

Control different characters, such as a fierce young handkerchief, a naive but ingenious fox turned man or a cunning priest wielding primal forces, and use their unique and varied combat skills to fight your way through hordes of creatures and put an end to the mold that has taken over the land as well as their hearts.

Use the many powers bestowed on you from primordial gods wielding otherworldly powers to legendary items that will change your play style every time. Fight creeping demons that will test your resolve and rise to the ever-increasing challenge.

Key Features

  • fight in it Helvetii It will come in many forms, from your usual combo chains to blocking your enemy, manipulating them in the air, hurling projectiles, smashing their guards, dodging their more powerful attacks and using a variety of powers at your disposal that you will be able to outrun. ventures
  • Play as up to three different characters with completely unique play styles to diversify your gameplay, as well as learn more about their individual motivations. And learn to blend their unique styles with the powers of the game.
  • For every playtime, the game will redistribute its rooms and power-ups to always give you a unique gaming experience. Meaning, with so many characters, room configuration, enemy encounters, and upgrades, the game remains a fresh experience.
  • music in Helvetii Composed by the very talented Dale North (SumyKenAnd the Dragon fantasy book 2Materia Collective), with assistance from Scarlet Moon Productions. Additionally, vocals are provided by Emi Evans, who sang on the soundtrack to yoke And the Yoke: Automata!

Watch a new trailer below.

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Release date trailer

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