Heat vs 76 score: Live updates on the NBA playoff as Miami aim for a 3-0 win over hosts Philadelphia

The Philadelphia 76ers did not enjoy their time in Miami for games 1 and 2. They came back 2-0 in the second-round series after two healthy defeats to the Heat and are looking to get back on track in Game Three. Joel Embiid missed the first two games with a concussion and a broken face, but was back in the squad on Friday. His presence alongside home play should provide a boost to the Sixers, who are desperate to win. After three quarters, the 76ers have a 68-65 lead over the Heat.

The Sixers are 0-13 ever in a best of seven streak when they trail 0-2. Doc Rivers is also 0-3 in his career when he lost the first two games of his Best of Seven series. Meanwhile, Miami are tied 16-0 when they lead 2-0 (12-0 under Eric Spoelstra) in seven games. The Heat has run a 3-11 run to Philadelphia in the last 14 runs, which works for the 76ers in Game 3 and 4. James Harden had a hard time facing Miami, and in the last play after the season ended. He finished with 20 points in Game 2, marking the 12th consecutive game in which he scored under 25 points or more. Embiid’s return will be huge, but Philly will need Harden to up his game, too.

Follow below for all the real-time updates as Philadelphia seeks its first win of the series against Miami.

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