“Hacking” a man to get your money's worth during the ebb and flow stirs up controversy

'Deflation' upsets many Americans: And it's not just the cost of items It has risen significantly since 2021But in many cases, people not only pay more for the same goods, but also get less of them.

As a result, consumers are looking for more ways to keep their refrigerators and pantries stocked without spending a lot of money. Some have turned to apps like Too Good to Go, which sell foods that will be on deep discounts, while others have demonstrated ways to pack a week's worth of groceries by shopping at discount retailers like Dollar Tree.

Then there are shoppers like TikToker Davey Bad's (@daveybad) video, who are coming up with other ways to ensure they get the most out of their purchases.

Davey's friend didn't seem happy that Tide was selling detergent bottles that weren't filled to the brim, and he went viral to correct the issue himself.

In the clip, which had more than 2.3 million views as of Sunday, Davey laughs as he records his friend standing in front of a store display rack filled with bottled Tide detergent.

“We all have that one friend,” Davey laughs as his shopping partner justifies his actions by saying, “I don't care,” and that he'll get all his money's worth from the Tide he's about to buy.

“hack” to do this? He opened another bottle of Tide on the shelf and poured some of its contents into the bottle he intended to buy, making sure it contained as much liquid as possible.

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“Get a little money out of them,” Davey says off camera, leading to more laughter between the two men. There's a quick clip in the video that indicates some time has passed since Davey's friend started pouring Tide into the container he wanted to buy, and he's still pouring it into it.

@daveybad We all have that friend 😂 #fyp ♬ original sound – Davey Badd

“We're still going,” Davey says, chuckling again. His friend asks him: What's so funny? Before the video finally cuts off.

Viewers had a variety of different reactions to Davey's friend Tidal's hack. One app user pointed out that Tide, like many other products, is sold by weight. “You pay for the number of ounces it contains written right on it,” they wrote.

“What people don't understand is that you get what you pay for with very large packages,” said another person.

Davey's friend and other Tide detergent shoppers don't get hosed down because there's some extra room in the bottle, but that's a premium packaging choice the company made that's ultimately to the consumer's advantage, another person said.

“You get the weight on the container,” one person commented. “The container is larger so it doesn't spill when used the way it was designed.”

According to previously applicable regulations Fair Packaging and Labeling Act on the US Federal Trade Commission websiteAny violation of these standards must be reported. This means that in the scenario where Davey's friend, or someone else, was buying, for example, this bottle of liquor Tide Detergent 146 ozThey weighed it and came up with a smaller amount than advertised, then they could contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and report their findings to protect their rights as consumers.

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While this is the legal way to correct what may be a quantity discrepancy, other viewers seem to appreciate Davy's friend's method of filling a bottle of Tide detergent to the brim.

Like this user who wrote: “I just did this, and I need all my money.”

Another thought something fishy was going on on Tide's end because of the large negative space in the bottle. “The fact that he's pouring all this time is crazy on Tide's part,” they wrote.

But someone wondered why that happened: There must have been another shopper who had been in the aisle before Davey and had the exact same idea he had. “Someone must have used his bottle to pour into another bottle the way he was pouring all that time,” the user wrote.

Another TikToker said he could relate to Davey's friend, writing: “This is crazy because I thought I was cheap to do something sammmeee.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Tide and Davey via email.


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*First published: January 21, 2024, 3:00 PM CST

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