GTA 6 ‘Leak’ makes fans hope big reveal is imminent (again)

A 4chan user claims to have seen a new trailer for Grand Theft Auto VIRockstar Games’ years-old action-adventure game that has actually been around It leaked badly It would be better to call it a river. And JTA Fans, always craving the tiniest morsel of their next obsession, seemed ready to turn off their critical faculties and indulge in a sweet dose of hopium.

Fans on Reddit in particular were upsetclinging to the October 26 release date of the trailer that a 4chan user claimed to have seen (or uploaded from a JTA Leaked on Twitterwho “confirmed” in September that the 26th would be important), as well as the supposed game details that the alleged 4chan leaker claimed to have saved (many of which were previously provided by The information flood of 2022). They say fans don’t quite believe Channel 4, but…what if?

JTA The lovers were stuck on “what if?” For most of the decade since then Grand Theft Auto V Released. They’re so aching for more high-profile crimes in Rockstar’s massive, vulgar, and cynical worlds that they see portals to them everywhere. This dirt road in Virginia Shaped like the Roman letter “6”, this is definitely a sign. The golden woman embracing the Rockstar logo In some random promotional art It is also a sign, in one way or another, of that GTA 6 On her way. This nondescript picture of a flat house at recent days San Andres Remasteredwhich sits next to images of instantly recognizable Rockstar environments, is also a sign, such as it is This shirt is in GTA Online.

Of course, Rockstar is typically remaining silent during all this consuming spying; No official release GTA 6 Advertisements from 2022, when she informed fans Share on Twitter Development of the game is “ongoing”. JTA Nerds have had to make fun of themselves ever since.

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Kotaku I’ve reached out to Rockstar for comment.

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“Saved this for the 26th,” said one popular Reddit comment on the 4chan post, which claims that the trailer expected for October 26 will reveal “two cars racing,” “an underwear guy running down the street with a snake,” and a “Ferris wheel.” , and “Save this for the 26th.” About twenty other Mad Libs entries. “I can’t believe it but we’ll see.”

“If it’s fake, the slight chance it’s real is enough to encourage me to keep going,” another commenter wrote.

Someone replied: “Hope is a beautiful thing.”

Publisher Take-Two expects GTA 6 By 2025, He suggests his financial projections– But these are also subject to wishful thinking.

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