Google’s Pixel 9 could arrive with a cutting-edge ‘Pixie’ AI assistant

Google is creating a new, more advanced Android AI assistant called Pixie that is scheduled to arrive with the Pixel 9, according to a report from Google. the information. Based on the company’s new Gemini Large Language Model (LLM), it will be able to perform “complex, multimodal tasks” such as giving you directions to the nearest store to buy a product you’ve photographed on your smartphone.

Assistant will be exclusive to Google’s Pixel devices and will use data from Google products like Gmail and Maps. The report notes that this would help it “evolve into a more personalized version of Google Assistant.” It appears to be a separate product from Google Assistant with Bard shown off at Made By Google in October.

If accurate, the report on the update shows that Google is making radical changes to its AI roadmap to keep rival OpenAI in its sights. Google just unveiled Gemini AI last week as the answer to GPT-4, calling it “the most capable model we’ve ever built.” It also announced that Gemini will be coming to Android via a new product called the Nano, giving your phone the ability to do things like summarize conversations and calls without having to be connected to the Internet.

As a reminder, Gemini was launched last week as an integrated multi-modal AI model, rather than multiple models bundled together (however, parts of Google’s Gemini demo have been reported). This should allow it to “understand and reason about all types of input seamlessly from A to Z, much better than current multimedia models.” With Pixie powered by Gemini, it can be a much more advanced personal assistant than Google Assistant, for example. Gemini will also power the next generation of Bard, Google’s AI-powered chat assistant.

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As with previous Google products, it will be difficult for consumers to learn about all the different AI offerings (see what I did there). We now have Pixie, Bard, Gemini, Gemini Nano (for smartphones), Gemini Pro (for Chrome, API calls, and more), and Gemini Ultra, coming in 2024. In contrast, OpenAI has kept things relatively simple with GPT-4 being the LLM, and ChatGPT being the chat assistant , and DALL-E is an image generator. Most savvy consumers have at least heard of these things, but Google has once again made it difficult for people to keep up with its own line of products.

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