Google’s Pixel 8 Pro may look like a round Pixel 7

Google hasn’t even announced the Pixel 7a, but that doesn’t stop leakers from claiming to know something about the Pixel 8 series. OnLeaks and smartbreaks They shared what they say are renderings of the Pixel 8 Pro’s design. At first glance, it appears to be a subtle evolution of the Pixel 7 Pro. The corners have been rounded to avoid digging into the palm of your hand, and the triple-lens rear camera array (main, ultra-wide and telephoto) has been assembled into a single cutaway image.

However, there may be a clear functional improvement. This rear assembly also appears to include an unknown sensor below the flash. OnLeaks smartbreaks Guess it might be a depth sensor or macro, but we wouldn’t rule out LiDAR or some other technology to improve augmented reality, portraits, and low-light photos.

Many Pixel 8 family details remain a mystery. However, clues previously discovered suggest that there may be some camera upgrades in store. In December, Kuba Wojciechowski Discover Code hinting that new phones may use interlaced HDR, or technology that captures multiple exposures at once. You get extended dynamic range without long shooting times that can blur subjects. The Pixel 8 line is also likely to use a third-generation Tensor chip that may improve performance and efficiency.

If Google repeats last year’s preview of the Pixel 7, you might get a brief glimpse of the Pixel 8 line-up at I/O on May 10th ahead of the launch in early fall. We also expect new models to ship with Android 14. This could be a predictable update if the rumors are accurate, but you might not mind given the strong reception to Google’s recent Pixel builds.

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