Google Fiber is offering early access to 20GB service for $250 per month

The new 20 gigabits per second internet service, coming through Google’s GFiber Labs, won’t be cheap: It will cost customers $250 a month. Google plans to offer connectivity initially in Kansas City, North Carolina (the Triangle area), Arizona, and Iowa. The availability of the service coincides with last-mile infrastructure upgrades by Google which include installation of… New Nokia 25G PONsOr passive optical networks that connect to customers’ homes.

Google just made $125 per month 5Gbps internet available in Huntsville, Alabama, in October, after a broader (but still limited) rollout in Kansas City, West Des Moines, and the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. The company also offers 8-gigabit-per-second internet service for $150 a month in some places, which it first announced last year. Meanwhile, Google Fiber’s gigabit tier still costs the same $70 per month since it first became available in Kansas City in 2012.

Google previously announced that 5 Gbps internet can facilitate uploading or downloading a file of any size at once, while 8 Gbps can handle near real-time internet. But when it comes to the new 20Gbps tier, Google says it expects just that Simultaneous multi-party communications across multiple floors With Wi-Fi 7 devices. If you’re interested in 20Gbps service, you can Sign up for early access.

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