“Good Ending” photos by Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg’s Amnesty International have gone viral. Twitter boss reactions

Tesla and the SpaceX Chief responded to the now-viral post with a laughing emoji.

Billionaires and tech giants — Twitter chief Elon Musk and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg — have been in the news for their rivalry. A lot of buzz was created after they answered each other’s cage match challenge. Moreover, the launch of Meta Thread as a competitor to Twitter added fuel to the fire as Mr. Musk accused Mr. Zuckerberg of “unlawful misappropriation of Twitter’s trade secrets and other intellectual property.” Amidst this, a user created an artificial intelligence (AI) collage depicting a “good ending” among billionaires and it went viral on social media.

A Twitter user going by the handle, Sir Doge of the Coin, shared the AI-generated images on the social media platform. In the photos, which look similar to a photoshoot of a couple on a beach holiday, the billionaires are seen wearing casual clothes — T-shirts and jeans. They are seen holding hands and jogging on the beach in one photo while in another they are seen hugging each other against the scenic backdrop. In two other photos, they are each seen splashing water on the beach individually.

Since its sharing, the post has garnered seven million views and 1.3 lakh likes. “The good ending” reads the post’s caption along with a red heart emoji.

Tesla and the SpaceX Chief responded to the now-viral post with a laughing emoji.

One person added, “They should actually do a photoshoot together like this for the memes.”

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Another user commented, “In a parallel universe…”

“Siri, play ‘Love Like This’ by Natasha Bedingfield,” said one user.

Another user stated: “I also think this would be the perfect ending.”

Someone else commented: “Two great goals.”

Another person added, “They saw each other on the beach, and chose to cuddle, running around barefoot like happy kids.”

Another user commented, “I’m dying of laughter! Best meme ever!”

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