Golden State Warriors faces a “different challenge”, entering the playoffs without expectations

SAN FRANCISCO – The Golden State Warriors are back in the playoffs for the first time in two years. And unlike the last time they were in the postseason – and the four times before that – there aren’t many expectations surrounding them.

Sure, they are expected to make it past the first round. Maybe even a second. Some think they can go to the Western Conference Finals. But nothing of the debate about The Warriors compares to the era of the Dynasties, when they were a clear favorite to win it every season.

“No one chooses us to win, to get out of the West, at least I don’t think so, except for our families,” Stephen Curry She said. “That’s fine. It’s only about four matches, and in order to do that we have a certain game plan that we will try to implement on Saturday… and we understand that each match takes on a new life of its own.”

Steve Kerr added, “I think four years ago… I expect to win a championship. But we’re a different team now. I don’t have any expectations. I know I’m not going to play the playoffs and I’m thinking, ‘Okay, we’re going to do this or we do this,’ I’m just thinking, ‘How’ Can we defeat Denver on Saturday? β€œIn a lot of ways, it makes it really fun. Maybe not as fun as having one of the greatest lists ever compiled, but it’s a completely different and unique challenge.”

Warriors were not counted in any way. But for them to truly compete with the two teams above them in the standings – the Phoenix Suns and the Memphis Grizzlies – a lot has to go right.

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Includes team health.

Curry took a step toward having a full Golden State roster again on Thursday as he engaged in a team brawl, a crucial sign of getting him back on the field a month later.

But since the Warriors haven’t yet played a full game with their full active roster, they’ll have to do something they weren’t assigned to before: figure out their rotations and play combos in real time during the playoffs.

Not to mention they’d do it with a roster that, unlike previous Super Warriors, doesn’t have a lot of experience in the playoffs. curry, Klay ThompsonAnd Draymond GreenAnd Andre Iguodala And kevon looney You have a lot of basketball to draw from. But looking at the other rotating players like Jordan PaulAnd Andrew WigginsAnd Gary Payton II And Jonathan Kuminga And even players like Nemanja Bielica And Otto Porter Jr.. , Their biography is not long.

Thompson showed his younger teammates the highlights of the 2016-2017 Warriors, when they won 73 regular season games, returning from a 3-1 series deficit to defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Conference Finals and ultimately blew up with a 3-1 lead LeBron James The Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. Thompson wanted to show them the range of events that could happen, even when you might be the favorite to win.

He also showed them a clip of Kobe Bryant from the 2009 NBA Finals, when Bryant told reporters that he wasn’t happy after winning the title because his job wasn’t done.

For Thompson, having that single mindset is all that matters in the later stage.

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β€œI still have the same expectations as I did before, and that is winning a championship,” Thompson said. “It really is for us. We know how hard it is, and yes, it’s a different time, but absolutely nothing. We have the opportunity ahead of us, and it’s an amazing opportunity.”

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