German Defense Minister Again Warns of Possible War with Russia: “We Must Speed ​​Up”

By the end of October, he had already announced that it was necessary to prepare for a war in Europe. Since then, others have followed suit: Mark Theiss, a former Belgian general, Sir Patrick SaundersBritish General, or Swedish Civil Defense Minister Carl-Oskar Bohlin.

The German minister wants to emphasize the reason for his caution. For him, it's not a question of starting a debate or provoking people. Head Ladsday News. What Boris Pistorius wants is to wake up citizens.

We are coming out of a period of 30 years of peace, 30 years of peace benefits, from which we have all benefited. Today we are going in a different direction”, he explained to the German newspaper. “We really need to pick up the pace Be prepared just in case This will happen”.

War in Ukraine: NATO begins its largest military exercise since the Cold War

According to him, it is necessary to establish a preventive system.We know that since the Cold War”.

However, it still notes that a Russian attack against the NATO ally is not on the agenda. In fact, Russia is still fully occupied with Ukraine.

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We must be more vigilant because “No one knows how long this situation will last”. Some experts estimate that it will be years before Russia undertakes a new large-scale military operation.

He also insisted that German defenses must commit at least 20,000 additional soldiers.

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