Gangs of monkeys invade a city and form a special police unit

Police officers ride on motorcycles, nets in hand, through the streets of Lopburi, Thailand. Their mission: to catch as many monkeys as possible and get rid of them. After the Covid-19 health crisis, the region had to deal with several groups of monkeys descending on the cities. These animals can be aggressive at times and above all pose a health risk and danger to pets, requiring the help of law enforcement to restore peace.

Can the monkeys take revenge?

If these monkeys are in large numbers, it is because they are a very profitable tourist activity. Thus they were left out of reach of cities and bred to meet the escapist needs of tourists. Today, the thousands of macaws that terrorize the city have become a veritable scourge that must be eradicated, Le Courrier International reported.

Keen to significantly reduce their harmful impact, municipal authorities recently launched a special unit dedicated to the management of macaques, specifically with the aim of catching “leaders”, particularly aggressive alpha males. However, the task presents a significant challenge: As parent PBS World points out, these wily animals, despite being “hungry,” quickly adapt to the traps scattered around the city. Only 18 monkeys were caught in the first 48 hours. However, this represents only a small fraction of the 5,709 wild-dwelling macaques in the region as of early 2023.

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