GameStop announces PS5 restocking in the next store

GameStop has announced the PS5 will be restocked in its next store. The PlayStation 5 has been very hard to come by since its launch in November 2020. Although Sony is working hard to produce more PlayStation 5 consoles, it is difficult to meet the demand due to the lack of supplies and intense speculation. While the latter isn’t quite as sharp as it was when the console was launched, many are struggling to get their hands on Sony’s new console. With games like God of War: Ragnarok It is scheduled to come out this yearMany want to make sure that they have the perfect way to play the new blockbuster Sony movies.

Almost everyone in the US will have the chance to try and get a PlayStation 5 tomorrow as GameStop will restock the console in all stores across the US. The console will only be available in bundles for PowerUp Rewards Pro members, which You can register online. There will be four different packages, three of which come with Horizon: Forbidden West. These bundles are not likely to be cheap, as these bundles are usually used to get people to buy more than just the console, but at least you’ll get some good games and gift cards with them. GameStop stores tend to open between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., but you should check your local retailer’s opening hours so you know when to get to the store.

It’s not clear exactly how many units each store will contain, but hopefully there will be plenty for you to roam about. Earlier this year, it was reported that Sony is increasing the supply of its PS4 consoles to make up for the PS5 shortage. Since Sony is able to supply every GameStop store in the US, it seems to indicate they have an easier time manufacturing and supplying the console. Ideally, the offer will be reasonable enough by this festive season, so it can be a good and easily obtainable gift for new releases.

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