French presidential election: Sarkozy strikes a new blow at Beckress

Valérie Pécresse’s campaign was not a long quiet river. A few months after the first meeting, which was severely criticized in form and substance, the right-wing candidate is struggling to regain his image. This is evidenced by recent polls with 10 or 11% voting intent behind Emmanuel Macron (28%), Marine Le Pen (17.5%) or Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon (14%).

Can things still change between the first round on Sunday, April 10th? No one can predict that, but Valérie Pécresse will hold the most important meeting next Sunday. Important because it will be his last before the first round. Important as a symbol: This meeting takes place at the Exhibition Center in டிle-de-France, in Port de Versailles. This is where Jacques Chirac founded the right-wing party Rally for the Republic (RPR) between 1976 and 2002, and later became the UMP. Subsequently, Nicolas Sarkozy formalized his presidential candidacy on January 14, 2007. A few months later, he became president.

If Valérie Pécresse can expect some major support next Sunday, the former president, on the other hand, will be largely absent from the event. Despite being invited, Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to drop out. “He chose to stay away from this campaign taking place in a particular context.”From our colleagues refers to his entourage Parisian. Confirmation of the conflict in Ukraine.

But because the French media say it is a popular denial of the right-wing candidate “The chances of seeing the last president of the Republic as the candidate of his former minister from the right-wing party are slim.”. ParisianIt suggests “Harsh words in the personal space” Towards Pécresse Sarkozy points to the side of the LR party, “Many of them believe he is [Sarkozy, NDLR] Do not invite Emmanuel Macron to vote Before the first round of elections. Many pessimists already regard Nicolas Sarkozy as a form of mercy. “.

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