French Foreign Secretary Marlene Schiappa Soon Covers Playboy Magazine: “This Publicity Stunt Is Scaring the Government”

The Secretary of State for Social and Solidarity Economy and Associative Life was photographed “dressed up” in a “long white dress” for the issue of Glamor magazine, which will be published on Thursday, April 6, according to the same source.

This particular point raises many questions and shows how far “women’s freedom to dispose of their bodies as they see fit has not been achieved,” she says in the interview.

For the publication’s publisher, Marlene Schiappa is “the most + Playboy compatible + + political woman because she is committed to women’s rights and she understands that Playboy is no longer a publication for old machos, but can be a tool for the feminist cause,” Jean-Christophe Fromentin told AFP. .

“Playboy is not a butt newspaper like it used to be, but an elegant and fashionable quarterly mook of almost 300 pages (half book, half magazine, editor’s note)”, he said, adding, “There are still some undressed women, but not the majority. Pagination.”

According to Le Parisien, which published the information on its site on Friday, “this new publicity stunt is frightening the government”. The newspaper quoted a ministerial adviser as exclaiming, “Whatever it’s dressed as, it’s the moon. It’s impossible!”, and feared the publication would disrupt government communication “amid the social crisis over pensions”.

Very active on social networks and a subscriber to television sets, Ms. Schiappa “always considered talking to everyone and having a disturbing connection”, although those around her confirmed. The same source boasted that he was “the only minister capable of answering questions from a magazine like Playboy”.

In an interview conducted several weeks ago, the former Secretary for Gender Equality discusses the freedom of women in Afghanistan, the protection of the right to abortion, LGBT + rights in the international arena, but also politics and literature, his relatives indicate.

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