France: A Nationalist Demonstration in Annecy, “The Back is Cold” (VIDEO)

The parade was immortalized on video and shared on Twitter by the account “Le Syndicat des Fleuristes”. It describes itself as “an activist group of French patriots with values ​​and beliefs”. The caption that accompanies the video also sets the tone: “Annisi Nationalist”. The images show nationalists, sometimes masked, chanting, waving French and Savoyard flags and rallying chanting: “France for France” and “Europe, youth, revolution”. The rally reportedly lasted for more than half an hour.

According to the media Savoy is the blue country of FranceThe demonstration was not announced in the province. The Dauphin Liberae It explains that police intervened and conducted identity checks without arresting anyone. Indeed, the demonstration near the Notre-Dame-de-Liesse church went smoothly.

Faced with this incident, several local election officials expressed their outrage. Ecologist Fabien Crebert from Annecy declares: “CThis demonstration sends shivers down my spine in my city!”. “Militants in the streets with bellicose words. It smells like 1934. We know the rest…”, she adds. He also points to the belittling of the far right by the government. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the boss of France Insumais, condemned the demonstration on Twitter.

Antoine Grange, an opposition municipal councilor in the city of Annecy, expressed his concerns: “These are things that we have already seen in other cities, usually people matching regional flags, and there, we have the Savoy (…) flag, it’s painful to see images like this in the center of Annecy (…) It sends back a very nauseating and very dangerous image” .

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