Former Chiefs teammates tear up LeSean McCoy and defend Eric Bieniemy

Former Chiefs running back Laysan McCoy said Eric Beniemi had nothing to do with the team’s successful passing game during Beniemi’s five years as the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator. Many of McCoy’s former colleagues disputed this.

Jamal Charles, the leading snob of all time, addressed McCoy directly on Twitter.

“I have to disagree with you, Shady,” Charles wrote. “Bieniemy Coach me 4 years ago I learned a lot of things for EB and I still call him an amazing husband and father. He deserves to be head coach.”

The president’s other former colleagues weren’t so courteous.

‘Man, I messed it up,’ said Tyrann Mathieu, former chief safety officer. Tweet addressed to McCoy.

Former Chiefs guard Jeff Allen was among those who retweeted Matthew’s tweet, while former head safety Ron Parker also took issue with McCoy.

Tyrek Hill, who played four years on Beniemi-coordinated offense and is now in Miami, said the disagreement between McCoy and Beniemi began when Beniemi instructed McCoy to hold the ball hard so he wouldn’t fumble.

“Shady mad EP told him to stomp that ball,” Hill books.

There might be something to it: McCoy was the Chiefs’ captain for much of his first season in Kansas City, but after two costly touchdowns in two losses to the Chiefs, his playing time dropped dramatically, and he wasn’t active on the Super Chiefs team. Bowl win that year. Things didn’t end well for McCoy on the Bienemy offense.

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